Thursday, June 10, 2010

[Travel] Quick London things

This blog is dedicated to Kyle and Stacey

You have London in front of you, it's evening and you have 30 minutes to do something.


Here are some ideas.

1. The Eye at Sunset

2. A pint of Best in any decent Pub.

3. Make a call from London's first red phone box
Off Piccadilly in the courtyard arch of the Royal Academy. There is telephonic history. There is a sheltered red kiosk which was the first.

4. Ride the Tube, you could even visit Mornington Crescent.

5. Row on the Serpentine
Rent one of the boats (available from March to October) and have fun messing about on the oldest boating lake in the capital or read poetry to each other.

6. Museum Dip. Choose a Museum, set your alarm for 30 minutes, enter and be out before the alarm goes off. Much harder than it sounds.

7. Check out the city from the crest of Parliament Hill
Best visited at sunrise or sunset.

8. Tuck into pie and mash
Two pies, a mountain of mash and a lake of liquor for under a fiver.

9. Do the Monopoly pub crawl
That’s 26 pubs, in order. It would have to done over several nights.

10. Walk along the Embankment for 30 minutes.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

[Tech] A movie Company is born.

I have been playing with, and teaching myself, video editing.
Anyone suggest a good FREE editing package.

Windows Movie Maker is simple, and frustratingly restricted.
But it’s been fun learning and my Youtube account is growing.
You can find it here

So to celebrate, I’ve created OMMS Productions©,
Spielberg watch out :-) , NOT.