Monday, March 29, 2010

[Family/Christianity] A VERY Proud Dad

I spent today at Keele University.
My daughter had her first concert as a member of Keele Rev (or Revelation Rock-Gospel Choir) []
It was not what I expected there were show tunes, praise and classic gospel.
The evening was spent at Late Service [] where Kat led the singing.
What more could a proud dad want.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

[Politics\Costuming] Vote for a Change Campaign

I missed this, which was such a shame. Maybe next time.

Pneumonia - Well, don't I hate it.

Sorry, folks, for the second time in 18 years, I missed a conference.
Pneumonia is a b@$t@rd. We got back from a loverly holiday in Cyprus, thanks Mum and Dad, but I had picked up an infection which moved rapidly to my chest and knocked me sideways.
I have decided to start this up again. So it will be a mixture of politics, christianity and costuming, Lord help us all. :-)