Saturday, February 18, 2006

I'll be glad when this course is over.

Another week-end spent writing essays :(

This one on Student centred vs. Teacher centred Learning. Joy and rapture.
Work is coming along, I'll be being trained Monday through Thursday, have college on Wednesday and I training a client on Friday. I think I'm suffering teaching overload.

I starting to feel I'm on top of my brief and really starting to produce the goods for the company. Politics is ticking over at the moment due to the new job and problems with setting up the Wireless Network at home.

Life is Good.
Especially compared to the alternative.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

What a difference 67 days make!

67 days since my last post.

Didn't get either of the two jobs I went for so the dream of working for the LibDems is over. BUT boy was it interesting, my penultimate day, CK resigned and I got on national telly for all the wrong reasons. We now have a leadership election. Oh Joy!

I have fulfilled one of my life dreams and, at least, I have worked for the party, even if only temporarily.

I now have a job in Northants, training and supporting software, so I gallivant around the country enjoying myself.

I will start doing my blog again. :)