Monday, October 24, 2005

A condom, mung beans and ART.

For the last week, I've been training for 8 hours a day and its knackering. The company is allowing those of us being made redundant to train (in my case) or be trained (the rest) on Microsoft Office Suite. Its been a real challenge but I'm chunking through it.

Friday night and it's another leaving do. Went to an american resturant and then onto the "SoundHaus" in Northampton. We ended up in the Goth room. For an alternative lifestyle they don't half wear the same gear , I was in a black jacket, silk shirt and trousers with a purple tie and I felt very alternative to the others. It was a great night out with friends, new experiences and resolution of long running situations.

Saturday, Kat was off to London ( Camdem Lock Market, etc) with her friends, so Ann wasn't happy with our "little girl" out on her own. No worries as far as I was concerned. I knew she would love it. In the afternoon we went to see two art exhibitions by an old friend Paul Tecklenberg. I definately prefered "Bodies and Anti-bodies", a series of "photos" of everyday objects "photographed" in the style of scienctific images, with a wicked sense of humour and with many deep levels of meaning. It's just how I like my art. Being able to chat to Paul about his work really brought it to life. I had two favourites. One was the diptych "Gram Stain Positive: Rods" I love the colours and the other was "Egg", using a condom captured as if it were a ovum with the sprouted mung beans as spermatoza. Think of all those levels of meaning, I loved it.

Sunday saw us do one of Ann's Gunpowder Plot trips, this time to Coughton Court. Living in Northants, and attending Tresham Institute, I know most of the stuff about the plot so it was a pleasant enough trip to an English country home.

Still no job :-(


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